Release Date 09 Jan 2020
Language English
Genre Action / Drama / Horror
Director William Eubank
Cast Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr.
Classification 2

Kristen Stewart stars as Norah Price, one of the crew members of underwater researchers who find themselves trapped in their deep-sea lab after an earthquake. Running out of oxygen and with their equipment to get to land badly damaged, they find themselves also hunted by a frightening deep-sea creature.

Prai, Butterworth

28-01-2020 (Sel) 12.00pm
29-01-2020 (Rab) 12.00pm


28-01-2020 (Sel) 1.50pm, 6.30pm
29-01-2020 (Rab) 1.50pm, 6.30pm
30-01-2020 (Kha) 1.50pm, 6.30pm
31-01-2020 (Jum) 1.50pm, 6.30pm
01-02-2020 (Sab) 1.50pm, 6.30pm
02-02-2020 (Ahd) 1.50pm, 6.30pm


28-01-2020 (Sel) 6.45pm
29-01-2020 (Rab) 6.45pm