The Bravest

The Bravest
Release Date 05 Sept 2019
Language Mandarin
Genre Action / Adventure / Drama
Director Tony Chan
Cast Huang Xiaoming, Du Jiang, Tan Zhuo, Yang Zi, Ou Oho, Hou Yong, Zhang Zhe-Han
Classification 2

When the oil pipeline in the city harbor explodes due to a calculation error, a disgraced firefighter captain must put aside his grievances and team up with his former subordinate in order to save the city. The brave firefighters deal with a series of fires after a chemical plant explodes. It is a race against time for the firefighters as they put themselves in danger to save those in the vicinity of the fires.

Prai, Butterworth

21-09-2019 (Sab) 1.30pm, 5.40pm, 7.40pm, 9.50pm, 12.00am
22-09-2019 (Ahd) 1.30pm, 5.45pm, 8.00pm, 10.15pm
23-09-2019 (Isn) 1.45pm, 5.45pm, 10.15pm
24-09-2019 (Sel) 1.45pm, 5.45pm, 10.15pm
25-09-2019 (Rab) 1.45pm, 6.00pm