Chasing The Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch

Chasing The Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch
Release Date 06 Jun 2019
Language Cantonese
Genre Action
Director Jason Kwan
Cast Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Louis Koo, Lam Ka Tung, Simon Yam
Classification 2

Before 1997, due to the ignorance of the British Administration of Hong Kong, criminal genius Logan (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) savages Hong Kong with a series of notorious crimes. He kidnaps the first sons of the Hong Kong regals, Li and Lui, ransoming over 2 billion dollars. In fear of the offenders avenging, the subjects promise not to report to the police after ransoming the hostages, hence letting Logan and his team evade justice.

Prai, Butterworth

18-06-2019 (Sel) 12.55pm, 4.30pm, 8.05pm, 10.00pm
19-06-2019 (Rab) 12.55pm, 4.30pm, 8.05pm, 10.00pm, 11.55pm
20-06-2019 (Kha) 5.55pm
21-06-2019 (Jum) 8.00pm


18-06-2019 (Sel) 7.05pm
19-06-2019 (Rab) 7.50pm
20-06-2019 (Kha) 11.30am
21-06-2019 (Jum) 11.30am