Roh Fasik

Roh Fasik
Release Date 06 Jun 2019
Language Indonesian
Genre Horror
Director Ubay Fox
Cast Irwansyah, Zaskia Sungkar, Evan Sanders, Nagita Slavina, Denira Wiraguna
Classification 2

Did I not command you, grandchildren of Adam, for you do not worship Satan? Surely the devil is a real enemy to you (QS: Yasin: 60) ". The death of Zahra (Zaskia Sungkar), his wife, made Akbar (Evan Sanders) no longer wants to believe in his religion and God. Even when it's been even remarried, Akbar's life with his new wife, Renata (Denira Wiraguna), never as beautiful as before. Until one day, Hassan (Irwansyah), Akbar's old friend comes to visit and invites Akbar back to the right way, at least for Amira, the daughter of Akbar and Zahra's marriage. Even though he had refused, Akbar finally allowed Hassan to refuse teach Amira tadarus. And, since then strange events start happening. Unfortunately, Renata is the one who is often the victim of terror from the devil who resides in his house. What really happened? What is make the devil suddenly come and terrorize the Akbar family?

Prai, Butterworth

17-06-2019 (Isn) 1.15pm, 4.40pm, 8.05pm
18-06-2019 (Sel) 1.15pm, 4.40pm, 8.05pm
19-06-2019 (Rab) 1.00pm, 4.30pm, 8.00pm


17-06-2019 (Isn) 4.50pm
18-06-2019 (Sel) 4.50pm
19-06-2019 (Rab) 4.50pm
20-06-2019 (Kha) 7.00pm
21-06-2019 (Jum) 7.00pm


17-06-2019 (Isn) 11.45am, 5.45pm, 9.15pm
18-06-2019 (Sel) 11.45am, 5.45pm, 9.15pm
19-06-2019 (Rab) 11.45am, 5.45pm, 9.15pm