Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary
Release Date 04 Apr 2019
Language English
Genre Horror
Director Kevin Kölsch, Dennis Widmyer
Cast Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow
Classification 3

Dr. Louis Creed has just relocated from Boston to rural Maine with his wife Rachel and their two young children. They later discover that the woods hide a mysterious burial ground deep in there. Creed's life turns horrific when one day tragedy strikes and he turns to his odd neighbour, Jud Crandall, for help. Crandall points him towards the burial ground and Creed's actions afterwards unleashes an unfathomable evil.

Prai, Butterworth

20-04-2019 (Sab) 11.45am, 5.45pm
21-04-2019 (Ahd) 11.45am, 6.00pm
22-04-2019 (Isn) 11.45am, 6.00pm
23-04-2019 (Sel) 11.45am, 6.00pm
24-04-2019 (Rab) 11.15am


20-04-2019 (Sab) 2.00pm, 6.15pm, 10.30pm
21-04-2019 (Ahd) 2.00pm, 6.15pm
22-04-2019 (Isn) 2.00pm, 6.15pm
23-04-2019 (Sel) 2.00pm, 6.15pm


20-04-2019 (Sab) 12.00pm, 3.55pm, 9.00pm
21-04-2019 (Ahd) 12.00pm, 3.55pm, 9.00pm
22-04-2019 (Isn) 12.00pm, 3.55pm, 9.00pm