Kung Fu Monster

Kung Fu Monster
Release Date 03 Jan 2019
Language Cantonese
Genre Action / Fantasy
Director Andrew Lau
Cast Louis KOO, Dong Yu ZHOU, Cheney CHEN, Bea Hayden KUO, Bei Er BAO
Classification 2

In the Ming dynasty during the Wanli Emperor's reign, several monsters have escaped from the royal palace. Sun Yehe, supervisor of the Eastern Depot, is ordered to capture them. At the same time, a militia warrior is plotting a silver robbery with his martial arts junior and a female warrior. They gather the forest fighters to rob the corrupt officials but the silver goes missing, just as a wanted criminal and a wanderer appear. While all this unfolds, they are unaware that monsters are watching them.


19-01-2019 (Sab) 11.30am, 5.55pm
20-01-2019 (Ahd) 11.30am, 5.55pm
21-01-2019 (Isn) 11.45am, 6.00pm
22-01-2019 (Sel) 11.45am, 6.00pm