Hello, Mrs. Money

Hello, Mrs. Money
Release Date 18 Okt 2018
Language Mandarin
Genre Comedy
Director Wu Yuhan
Cast Huang Cailun, Allen Ai, Song Yang, Celina Jade
Classification 2

Poor guy Li Cha has fallen in love with a girl who likes money. Wanting to win the girl's heart, he decides to ask his billionaire aunt to help him out. He has never met his aunt before so when he mistakes male employee Huang Canghai as his aunt, Huang decides to just go with it. Hilarity ensues when his real aunt shows up and meets the fake aunt.

Prai, Butterworth

18-10-2018 (Kha) 1.10pm, 4.55pm, 10.00pm
19-10-2018 (Jum) 12.55pm, 4.40pm, 9.50pm, 11.55pm
20-10-2018 (Sab) 12.55pm, 4.35pm, 9.50pm, 11.55pm


18-10-2018 (Kha) 1.35pm, 5.40pm, 7.50pm
19-10-2018 (Jum) 1.35pm, 5.40pm, 7.40pm
20-10-2018 (Sab) 2.00pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm
21-10-2018 (Ahd) 2.00pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm
22-10-2018 (Isn) 2.00pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm
23-10-2018 (Sel) 2.00pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm