The Negotiation

The Negotiation
Release Date 11 Okt 2018
Language Korean
Genre Crime / Thriller
Director Lee Jong-Seok
Cast Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin
Classification 3

Ha Chae-yoon (Son Ye-jin) is the top police negotiator who keeps a cool head in any situation. However, she spirals into shock when a hostage situation she responded to ends in disaster as she witnesses the hostages getting killed in front of her eyes. Just 10 days after the incident, Min Tae-goo (Hyun Bin), a notorious arms dealer wanted by the police, kidnaps a Korean reporter and police officer and picks Chae-yoon as the negotiator. Tae-goo creates an unprecedented hostage situation for unknown reasons and Chae-yoon cannot back down.

Prai, Butterworth

18-10-2018 (Kha) 2.00pm
19-10-2018 (Jum) 1.40pm
20-10-2018 (Sab) 1.40pm