Rise: Ini Kalilah

Rise: Ini Kalilah
Release Date 13 Sept 2018
Language Malay
Genre Drama
Director M.S.Prem Nath, Saw Teong Hin, Nik Amir Mustapha
Cast Remy Ishak, Mira Filzah, Jack Tan, Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Shashi Tharan, Jenn Chia
Classification 2

Following the lives of six very different Malaysians, coming together for one common love -Malaysia, in various loosely interrelated tales all set during the frantic few days before the nation’s biggest election. Six emotional cornerstones : our future, redemption, hope, standing up for yourself, fighting for what’s right and respect. An eligible yet unregistered student living in London racing against time to deliver postal vote; a businessman imprisoned by the politics of fear; a judgmental reporter with views of the country based what’s been portrayed by the media; a policeman trapped in a dilemma between doing what’s right and doing what’s best for his family; an interracial star-crossed love story between an aimless hawker seller living in Singapore and a polling agent (PACA).

Prai, Butterworth

24-09-2018 (Isn) 7.45pm
25-09-2018 (Sel) 7.45pm
26-09-2018 (Rab) 7.30pm


24-09-2018 (Isn) 1.50pm, 6.05pm
25-09-2018 (Sel) 1.50pm, 6.05pm
26-09-2018 (Rab) 1.50pm, 6.05pm
27-09-2018 (Kha) 11.45am
28-09-2018 (Jum) 11.45am


24-09-2018 (Isn) 5.15pm
25-09-2018 (Sel) 5.15pm
26-09-2018 (Rab) 11.45am