Animal World

Animal World
Release Date 29 Jun 2018
Language Mandarin
Genre Action / Adventure / Drama
Director Han Yan
Cast Li Yifeng, Michael Douglas, Zhou Dongyu, Bingkun Cao ,Ge Wang
Classification 2

Zheng Kaishi, who was deceived by friends and had to bear millions of debts, was determined to board the “Fate” cruise ship in the face of a seriously ill mother and an innocent young man who waited in desperation to change his life without success. As long as he can win the game on the ferry, he will have the opportunity to cancel the debt and bring a better life to his family. The game seems simple, and participants only need to use poker marked with "stone, scissors, and cloth" as a prop to win the opponent's star logo. However, the bottom line fraudulent competition of the desperados on the cruise ship has exposed the selfishness and cruelty of the people. In the game, the game center eventually became the “Animal World” Colosseum.