Mata Batin

 Mata Batin
Release Date 05 Apr 2018
Language Indonesian
Genre Horror
Director Rocky Soraya
Cast Jessica Mila, Bianca Hello, Denny Sumargo
Classification 3

Alia decides to leave Bangkok and return to Jakarta once after her parents died. She and Abel, her teenage sister, moved into their childhood home away from the city. But Abel, who was often strange and frightened, disliked the house. He said there was something else besides them. Alia and Davin, Alia's girlfriend who accompanied Alia, were ignore everything which Abel said. But Abel's attitude is getting worse. Feel she must to help Abel, Alia intends to take Abel to a psychiatrist. But Abel refuses and she says that she can see those who are already dead because her third eye has been open since childhood. Abel invites Alia to see Mrs. Windu, a psychic who has been always helping Abel. Want to prove all the things that make no sense to this, Alia asked Mrs. Windu to open her third eye. And slowly, Alia began to experience unusual events. She began to see skmething that no one else could see, and the presence of ghosts who asked her help. But them who were appears at Alia's house hurt her. Their energy is so negative that it can harm Alia and Abel. Without any other place for them to stay, they are forced to stay there and ask Mrs. Windu's help. Can Mrs. Windu help them?

Prai, Butterworth

19-04-2018 (Kha) 6.15pm
20-04-2018 (Jum) 6.15pm
21-04-2018 (Sab) 6.15pm
22-04-2018 (Ahd) 6.15pm


19-04-2018 (Kha) 1.10pm, 4.45pm, 8.20pm
20-04-2018 (Jum) 1.10pm, 4.45pm, 8.20pm, 12.05am
21-04-2018 (Sab) 1.10pm, 4.45pm, 8.20pm, 12.05am
22-04-2018 (Ahd) 1.10pm, 4.45pm, 8.20pm
23-04-2018 (Isn) 1.10pm, 4.45pm, 8.20pm
24-04-2018 (Sel) 1.10pm, 4.45pm, 8.20pm
25-04-2018 (Rab) 3.45pm


19-04-2018 (Kha) 7.15pm
20-04-2018 (Jum) 7.15pm
21-04-2018 (Sab) 7.15pm
22-04-2018 (Ahd) 7.15pm
23-04-2018 (Isn) 7.15pm