A Beautiful Moment

A Beautiful Moment
Release Date 15 Feb 2018
Language Cantonese
Genre Comedy
Director Patrick Kong
Cast Carina Lau, Simon Yam, Michelle Wai, Ivana Wong, Philip Keung, Bob Lam, Natalie Tong, Alex Fong, Nancy Sit, Louis Yuen
Classification 2

An aging bachelor playboy finally meets the girl of his dreams and proposes marriage, only to discover her psychologist stepmom was his first love long ago. The future in-laws initially pretend not to know each other but as the wedding date gets nearer, the rekindling of long-dormant feelings develops into a cross-generational love triangle.

Prai, Butterworth

21-02-2018 (Rab) 11.55am, 3.45pm, 9.50pm
22-02-2018 (Kha) 2.05pm, 5.55pm
23-02-2018 (Jum) 2.05pm, 7.55pm


21-02-2018 (Rab) 11.30am, 4.00pm
22-02-2018 (Kha) 11.45am
23-02-2018 (Jum) 11.45am