Bukan Cinta Malaikat

 Bukan Cinta Malaikat
Release Date 25 Jan 2018
Language Malay
Genre Drama / Romance
Director Aziz M.Osman
Cast Nora Danish, Fachry Albar, Ashraf Muslim, Donita, Bonda Afida, Dynas Mokhtar
Classification 2

Dewi brought her mother (Suraya) to Mecca to reflect on herself and to forget her lover Adam. There he met with Reyhan, a young man from Indonesia who was also the leader of an NGO that helped the suffering victims of the Syrian’s war refugees. Dewi was fascinated by Reyhan's personality. When he returned to Malaysia, Adam had persuaded Dewi to return to him. As proof of his deep love, Adam persuade Dewi to get married. They are secretly married at the Malaysia - Thailand border. But their marriage was alleged to be illegal and void because it did not complete the requirements and law. To keep away from Adam, Reyhan has brought Dewi to Bandung, Indonesia. With the blessing of both parties, Dewi and Reyhan were married. One day Dewi has been confirmed pregnant for two months. Dewi confused because of uncertain content from who’s the seed ... Adam or Reyhan?