Release Date 07 Dis 2017
Language Malay
Genre Comedy / Drama
Director Che Mie
Cast Mohd Ariff Bin Abdullah, Bohari Ibrahim, Syafie Naswip, Esma Daniel, Fadlan Hazim, Mia Ahmad, Kazar Saisi
Classification 2

Jibam - the real name is Ashraf - a unique little child in his mind, but Jibam possesses special ability. Jibam inherited his father's intelligence to cure the disease. Suman dies killed in the forest and his death is a mystery. Jibam was severely slaughtered by Tok Ngah Sudin. Fakir is the elder brother of Jibam but it just on the name. Fakir is neither good brother nor good son. He does not care about his own family's hesitation, low regard and not directly defend your own fate. He only knows to play in love with Tok Ngah Sudin's children and Suman's relics. Jibam also hated by Usin Singai, because his old bike and his chicken were coated blue performed by Jibam. Usai Singai lived in Tok Ngah Sudin's land actually owned by Suman. And Jibam, the stupid kid, slowly exposing the secrets of his father's death. The unseen knowledge inherited from his father and treason and retaliation of Tok Ngah Sudin and Usai Singai. Kadir, the second brother of Jibam, and Piah the mother of Jibam who defended Jibam even though it was a bit rough. Kadir strives to recover the heritage of his father. As the mother of Piah, a calm person in serving his children, especially Jibam who was always victimized by bullying of the villagers


14-12-2017 (Kha) 1.45pm, 5.15pm
15-12-2017 (Jum) 7.00pm


14-12-2017 (Kha) 12.15pm, 6.15pm
15-12-2017 (Jum) 12.15pm, 6.15pm
16-12-2017 (Sab) 12.15pm, 6.15pm
17-12-2017 (Ahd) 12.15pm, 6.15pm
18-12-2017 (Isn) 12.15pm, 6.15pm