Release Date 12 Okt 2017
Language English
Genre Action / Science Fiction
Director Dean Devlin
Cast Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Katheryn Winnick, Alexandra Lara, Amr Waked, Jim Sturgess, Eugenio Derbez, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia
Classification 2

A man is sent to space to prevent climate-controlling satellites from creating a storm of epic proportions. Back on earth, his brother is plotting an assassination against the president.

Prai, Butterworth

19-10-2017 (Kha) 12.00pm, 2.00pm, 4.00pm, 6.00pm, 8.00pm, 10.00pm
20-10-2017 (Jum) 11.45am, 1.45pm, 3.45pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm, 9.45pm, 11.45pm
21-10-2017 (Sab) 11.45am, 1.45pm, 3.45pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm, 9.45pm, 11.45pm
22-10-2017 (Ahd) 11.45am, 1.45pm, 3.45pm, 5.45pm, 7.45pm, 9.45pm


19-10-2017 (Kha) 11.30am, 1.30pm, 10.15pm
20-10-2017 (Jum) 11.30am, 3.10pm, 8.05pm, 12.10am
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19-10-2017 (Kha) 1.30pm, 5.15pm, 9.00pm, 10.55pm
20-10-2017 (Jum) 1.30pm, 5.15pm, 9.00pm, 10.55pm
21-10-2017 (Sab) 1.30pm, 5.15pm, 9.00pm, 10.55pm
22-10-2017 (Ahd) 1.30pm, 5.15pm, 9.00pm, 10.55pm
23-10-2017 (Isn) 1.30pm, 5.15pm, 9.00pm, 10.55pm