Release Date 12 Okt 2017
Language Mandarin
Genre Drama
Director Tan Seng Kiat
Cast ack Tan, Angel Chan, Sylvia Chang
Classification 2

Ah Qiang lives in the big city with his mentally unstable mother and 5-year-old sister, Hui. When Hui dies in an accident, Ah Qiang is distressed over bringing her body home. However, he soon discovers another obstacle, as he is unable to prove his relation with Hui given that she was never registered at birth. With no help from his mother, Ah Qiang is now left to struggle by himself.

Prai, Butterworth

19-10-2017 (Kha) 3.45pm, 6.35pm, 8.15pm
20-10-2017 (Jum) 3.45pm, 6.45pm, 8.30pm
21-10-2017 (Sab) 3.45pm, 9.55pm
22-10-2017 (Ahd) 3.45pm, 7.40pm