Release Date 28 Sept 2017
Language Indonesian
Genre Comedy / Action
Director Bounty Umbara
Cast Rafathar (anak Raffi Ahmad), Raffi Ahmad, Fazura, Babe Cabita, Nagita Slavina
Classification 2

Jonny Gold and his partner Popo Palupi are professional burglars who indiscriminately target both high profile entities and low-lives alike. However, this time they got assigned to kidnap a baby named RAFATHAR, adopted by a well-to-do family. Unknowned to them, the baby that they kidnap possesses a superpower, one that enables the baby to telekinetically control metal objects. Hilarious moments abound in this rough-and-tumble kidnapping, until Jonni Gold and Popo Palupi realize Rafathar's presence has leave a deep impression in their hearts. Their journey gradually reveals a greater machination beyond their initial understanding, and the nature of RAFATHAR's superpower.